All small business owners on Facebook have one business goal in common: generating high ROI with their Facebook ads. 

Facebook ads are a valuable tool in generating high ROI, but all small business owners need to be using them in the right manner to ensure money in the advertising budget is not being thrown away.

Below are four ways to create profitable Facebook ads…

#1 Place Your Efforts Correctly

People go generally go on Facebook to connect with friends/family, not to purchase products/services.

So to get your ads not only noticed, but clicked on, your ads need to draw attention. There are three key parameters to your ad:

  1. Image – 80% of your ad success is determined by the image so make sure that you give it the research it needs.
  2. Headline – 15% of your ad success is in the headline.
  3. Body – 5% of your success is in the text.

#2 Choose Images That are High Quality

Since 80% of your ad impact is linked to your image it makes sense that you take the time to find the right image for your ad and that the ad is of the highest quality.

Try to use eye-catching, striking images that catch the viewers attention.

Don’t use images that are distant. Remember to use the correct dimensions for the type of ad you are using.

#3 Know Your Audience


When you know your audience you can enjoy the full robustness of Facebook’s targeting options so that you can target a specific group of viewers.

You can create Facebook ad campaigns that reach deeply into your target audience. You should have the answers to these questions before you start your ad campaign.

  • Where does your prospect live?
  • How old your prospect?
  • What fan pages do your prospects like?
  • Can I create my ad so it specifically targets my demographic?
  • What kind of a free offer can I use to capture leads?

#4 Be Sure You are on Target

You already established your target audience, so make sure you are taking full advantage of this opportunity to reach exactly who you want to reach.

When you are choosing your target audience, be careful that you do it correctly. Facebook has powerful audience selection tools that helps you target your business’s audience.

Using what you know about your customers- like demographics, interests and behaviors- you can get your ad on their newsfeed. You can find the audience selection tools on the “Ad Set” section when creating an ad. Here, you’ll scroll down until you see audience. You’ll be able to select location, age, gender, and detailed targeting.

Target Audience



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