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Beginning your journey towards financial wellness can be difficult. The first step can seem impossible as you examine all the goals you must set and the large actions that must be taken to achieve them. You will find, however, that it is the smaller things that end up making the greatest impact. It’s also much easier to begin with a small victory than trying to do everything all at once. Because of this, we have collected five things that you can do immediately in order to begin your new approach to fixing your finances.

Check Your Credit Score

Once a year, everyone is entitled to a free copy of their credit report. If you have not checked your score in the past 12 months, then a quick visit to can be an easy step towards building or recovering your credit. Fill out the short form so that your information can be verified , and soon you will receive an online copy of your report that you can download or print.

Once you have your report, check it for any mistakes. Pay close attention to your payment history and be sure it matches what you’ve actually performed. Mistakes on are so common that one in four people tend to find them. Also be sure to check all your accounts, loans and that all of your personal information is correct.

Make an Extra Payment

Another action you can take today is to make an extra payment towards a debt you owe. This can be a credit card balance, car loan, student loan, or even your mortgage. Figure out how much extra you can afford, and pay it. Today.

It could be $50 or $500, but increasing the amount you pay towards a debt is a smart decision and an easy step to take. It stops money you owe from accruing interest and brings down a principal balance, something that minimum payment do not do.

When choosing which debt to make an extra payment towards first, try and find the account or loan you have with the highest interest rate. This is usually the best place to begin.


Earning money is a matter of hard work and using that money to work for you. Refraining from properly investing your money means that you are working at a disadvantage to your peers, and not getting the full worth out of your funds.

There are so many resources and tools for beginning investors that as little as $20 can mean profit. Finding a safe stock for first time investors is the easiest step to take and can be done quite quickly.

Savings Transfers

If your biggest fear when fixing your finances and changing your financial lifestyle is your inability to save, this can be an excellent beginning. For people who have trouble finding the will power to save money or are just too lazy, automatic bank transfers from your paycheck to your savings account can be your best friend. It takes all the visibility and work out of putting aside part of your paycheck so that you don’t even notice you are saving until you check your account balance.

Do The Thing You Dread

The negative feelings that accompany many people’s finances are a large factor in why it is so tough to turn things around. You can turn it around though, just take the leap of faith.

Find that thing that is stopping you, whether it’s a debt that has gone to collection or back taxes, and deal with it. Once you conquer your most dreaded demon, the rest should be a piece of cake with a little hard work and perseverance. The trick is to start today.