Take Control of the Buying Process

If you don’t control the sales funnel, you are at the mercy of the one who is in making profits online. This is why most digital marketers say that you must sell your own digital products (and, essentially, control the sales funnel) to really profit online.

When creating a sales funnel, you really are creating two or more offers, since you need to be able to offer your prospect or customer another offer on top of the original or main offer. This is usually considered an upsell or one-time offer (commonly referred to as an OTO).

However, it is now quite common to have a sales funnel where you have far more than just two offers. You can have anywhere from three to ten or more offers in one funnel.

Research shows that people are more willing to buy cross-sells and upsells right after they have purchased a main offer. This is the same buying principle that leads a person to buy fries and a soft drink along with a hamburger (i.e. cross-sell).

This is all the more reason why you need to take control of your sales funnel and start getting qualified traffic to it today. The sooner you start doing this, the sooner you will start building up your online income. Insutanto offers effective and easy-to-use funnels to help you grow your business.

It All Starts at the Squeeze Page

A squeeze page is just a Web page that offers the visitor something of value, such as a report on a specific topic of interest, in return for the person’s contact information (usually the person’s name and email address).

The idea behind the squeeze page is to entice the visitor to willingly give up their name and email address so that you can follow up with him/her later with other relevant and useful information.

You need a product that you can offer to your visitor for free in order for him/her to be willing to give up their contact information. You can either create this product on your own, use outsourcers to create it, and/or use private label rights (PLR) products to create it.

Offer a Directly Related PAID Product

You need to use good email marketing practices in order to build the relationship further. Research has shown that it takes at least seven contacts with a prospect before he/she is willing to buy a paid offer.

Therefore, you need to provide more valuable information in your follow-up emails after he/she has downloaded your free report. Follow up with them to ensure they has gotten the report, provide additional information on the problem or issue, and gently hint that the main product offer in your sales funnel is the key to solving the problem or issue in question.

Over time through good email marketing follow-up, some of your prospects will be ready to purchase your main product offer. This is why it is vital that you put a link to your main product offer in each email you send.

Note, though, that you should only “hard-sell” in one to two emails at most in a 7-part email follow-up sequence. Most people are not fond of “hard selling” or aggressively marketing products; you cannot afford to do this too often in your emails or you risk losing the subscriber entirely.

Once your prospect has turned into a customer, it’s time for your sales funnel to work its magic.

Slip in an Upsell or Downsell

Once the prospect has purchased your main product offer, they have entered your sales funnel. This means that you should be offering the customer an opportunity to “upgrade” his/her order.

The upsell can be an enhanced version that offers more information. The upsell can also be a related offer that provides additional value to the main product offer. For instance, perhaps your main product offer was a traffic generation course; your upsell could be an email marketing course designed to improve the conversion rates of the traffic you get to your site via the main product offer.

The upsell should NOT be a mandatory purchase in order for the main product offer to provide the value it was promised to deliver.

If the customer decides to decline the upsell offer, you can have the funnel take him/her to the download page for the main product offer, or you can have the customer go to another upsell offer or modified version of the upsell, usually for a lower price.

This modified version of the upsell is normally referred to as a “downsell.” Research shows that many consumers don’t want to miss out on an offer entirely, so if they get a second chance to pick up the same or similar offer for a lower price, they will often jump at the chance to do so.

Set Up Your Autoresponder Follow-Up Sequence

Follow up with your customer and build the relationship. There should be a series of about seven follow-up email messages, with the first one going out right after he/she has sent his contact information.

The most convenient and easiest way to do this is to set up the email messages in your autoresponder. The goal of follow-up emails is to make the subscriber more comfortable with you and your expertise to the point where he/she will trust you and your recommendations, leading to the eventual purchase of your product.

This is how the best Internet marketers make the vast majority of their income and how they can live the “Internet lifestyle” without having a traditional “9-5” job.

Test Your Sales Funnel

A key mistake many new Internet marketers make is not testing their sales funnel to ensure that it works. You don’t want to get a reputation for not being the most proficient or reliable in creating sales funnels and offers.

You should test all aspects of your sales funnel first before you “publish” it and promote it to the public for purchase. If your sales funnel falters at all while a customer is going through it, you lost any chance of adding onto your profits from that customer, with virtually no way of making up for that lost profit, so it never hurts to double- and even triple-check your sales funnel to ensure it’s working properly.

This includes the emails that should be sent after a purchase is made from each upsell and downsell within the funnel; ensure that they are sent so that customers will not be upset over failing to get an email with their product download information in it.

Launching Your New Product

Now you’re ready to start promoting your product. The key to getting the word out about your new product is to let the world know that the problem or issue they are dealing with can be effectively remedied or solved by your product.

If you’ve had any beta-testers of your product (which is often a good idea to ensure that only the highest value is provided in solving the problem and to ensure all mistakes or errors are eliminated) and have received testimonials from them, you can include them in your sales and promotional material to help convince people that your product is the “real deal” in solving the issue they are facing.

As time goes on, you need to know what parts of your funnel are converting well and which aren’t doing as well. You can really analyze the various aspects of your funnel to see whether it’s the offer itself that is underperforming or if the sales copy is not resonating with your target audience, etc.

This is how you can improve your current sales funnel and make it more profitable, as well as create more profitable sales funnels for future product launches from the very beginning.

Check out Insutanto’s simple, effective funnels and learn how they can grow your business today.