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There are many, many ways in which we can exploit Instagram to help our business and social networking activities. The following are some advanced marketing strategies and tools that are out of Instagram’s reach that you can test by yourself.

Some of these strategies can be put to use by any business starting marketing on Instagram, but others require you to invest considerable amounts of money. Thriving or already established businesses will be the ones to better seize these strategies.

Snap your Photos using Apps other than Instagram 

While it is true that Instagram’s built-in application for taking pictures is powerful enough to let you post professional looking content in mere minutes, it is also true that some of its functionalities can be limited or outright outdated.

We recommend the Pixlr, VSCO, Afterlight and XnExpress photo editing apps. With these apps you can take your pictures, edit them and then save them to your gallery to use later as Instagram content.

instagram photo editor

All of these apps will offer you simple to use, yet powerful features like advanced camera controls, stunning filters and presets, minimalist photo publishing platforms and interfaces, galleries populated by pictures already organized and of professional grade.

Shoot your Videos using Apps other than Instagram 

Much like its photo editing counterpart, Instagram’s built-in video recording capabilities are pretty limited, even more so than its photo editing ones. I recommend that you use a third party app to film your videos and import them to Instagram from your gallery.

My video recording and editing app of choice is VideoCam Illusion. It’s a powerful application that lets you edit videos in real-time and add effects, like timelapses, transitions and hyperlapses.

Use Shortened URLs for your Bio’s Caption and Use it to Track Clicks

The only clickable link that Instagram allows is in the bio. So you either have to direct people to click the link in the bio or have one that’s both short easy to remember. URL is way more likely to be remembered and clicked by people if it is short and descriptive. Plus, if you’re putting a link in your optimized bio, it needs to look appealing. So no

Use to shorten your links. After creation, you can go back to the page and check how many clicks your URL has received. It also shows what other sources your audience is coming from, like Facebook and direct.

Use “Wishpond” as an Optional Platform for Organizing Contests

“Wishpond” is a web based platform for organizing, scheduling and running contests on social media sites. It specializes on sweepstakes, photo contests and Instagram hashtag contests, among other types of contests.

Check the types of contests that it will let you organize and which social media sites are good for running each one. You can try it for free on any device.


It is quite common to see companies cross-promote their products or services. This means that a group of companies will promote what their counterparts have to offer. It works better when these companies do business in similar fields.

Let’s use ourselves as an example. We can promote our candy suppliers, marketing how good their raw materials are and how beneficial they could be for our followers to use in recipes and their everyday cooking needs. In return, our suppliers can promote how excellent our business’ results are thanks to the use of the raw materials that they produce and distribute. This will also serve as a means to gain followers from either side.

Use Instagram’s Explore Feature to take Advantage of Trending Hashtags

Not only does Instagram’s “Explore” feature allows users to search for popular hashtags, it allows a user to search for trending hashtags. Just go to the explore feature a

By paying attention to recent events, days in the calendar and other popular stuff, you can use trending hashtags in your Instagram marketing strategy. You can build and interact with an even bigger audience. For example, if Halloween were taking place today, we could look up related hashtags and think about how you can market your product with a trending keyword related to that theme. Then people who search for that hashtag will see your post and engage with you. That’s why it’s important to pick hashtags that are popular currently.


Get your Followers’ Email addresses to Expand your Communication Channels

How can we get people’s emails without being intrusive or having our intentions misinterpreted? By giving people something in exchange. This can be support material or anything that can be of use for our followers. Of course, this has to be related to our products. You can create a landing page for a special incentive- like an ebook- and post a link Instagram under a photo or in your bio. In order to get that free incentive, they must sign up for your mailing list once they have ended up on the landing page.

Create your own Unique Content

It may sound obvious, but you need to create your own content apart from the typical pictures and videos. Using inspiration from other popular graphics and using the apps I have recommended, you can create engaging content for this visual platform.

Even using Instagram’s built-in features can be a good start. One trending advertising strategy being used right now on Instagram is to create stop-motion animations to tell a story about a product or service.

Encourage User Engagement

Encourage your followers to participate in creative activities from time to time. If you are a sports retailer, encourage them to post pictures of a marathon. If you are a cake decorator, encourage your followers to inspire you.

Although we have talked about creating a sense of community before, this is about creating a sense of playfulness and competition. Your most creative and engaged followers will be pleased by this and will drive traffic to your account from their’s!

Work with Instagram Influencers

Instagram Influencers are a growing trend in the marketing industry. These vocal Instagram users have created a wide audience and are now working as Influencers. Influencers can promote your products or services and help you reach a big audience in record time.

In other words, Instagram Influencers are social media celebrities that will sponsor your products and let the world know about them. With an already established audience, this is perhaps the most effective way to make your business grow extremely fast.