Girl constructs the perfect article on her phone

Content Marketing is something that is incredibly powerful. Unfortunately, a surprising number of people fail in their content marketing endeavors simply because they do not understand the components of a great article…

An Engaging Topic.

The first step and component in content marketing is to choose a hot topic. Explore the forums that are related to your niche and find out what everyone is talking about. This is a good way to come up with the perfect topic.

The Open Paragraph.

This is almost as important as the headline. After reading the first paragraph, the reader will decide whether to continue on, or whether to surf away. The first paragraph should tell the reader what the article will cover. Ask a question or state a fact, and then use the body of the article to answer the question or prove the fact. The last paragraph should be a summation of the article, and possibly a call to action. Your author’s resource box should also have a call to action, so it will depend on what your article was about as to whether there will be two calls to action.

The Resource Box.

The resource box is another important part of the article. You need to establish what makes you an expert on the topic of the article, and then direct readers to your newsletter sign up page or website for more information. This is a call to action. While an article should not be a sales letter, a good course in copywriting will come in handy for your article marketing. You can

Next, you need a Perfect Headline.content-marketing-2

Coming up with this may be a bit harder when its comes to content marketing. Write a list of ten possible headlines for your article. Make sure that you include your key phrase in the article, as well as information that will compel people to read it. At the same time, don’t try to fool the readers. If your article is about how to catch a fish, you don’t want to use a headline such as ‘The King is Alive and Well.’ Make sure the title matches the article and has your keywords, but also that it is compelling.

Some people find writing articles quite easy. But almost all article writers will agree that the hardest part of article writing is the headline, or the title of the article. You see, before anything gets said or done, that headline must draw the potential reader to the article. It must say ‘Psstt… look over here. This is the information you need.’

The fact of the matter is that with the Internet, the entire world is on information overload. We are literally overdosing on it to the point where we’ve become picky about what we look at. We don’t scan articles – we scan headlines, and then decide to read articles based on those headlines. Even then, we scan the first paragraph or two to decide if we are going to read the entire article, word-for-word. But it all starts with the headline. Is it any wonder that this is the most stressful part of article writing?

Furthermore, many people start writing their article with only a vague idea of where they are going with it. Once they have the title, however, it almost always falls into place, and they easily write the rest of the article – getting that headline, however, can take a lot of thought! It must give the reader an idea of what your article is about, and it must compel the reader to actually read the article. If you insert the proper keywords the search engines will find your site, allowing customers to find you. This is the beauty of content marketing. Ensure content marketing is added into your marketing strategy!