choosing platform for email marketing campaign

Right now is the best time to tap into email marketing if your business hasn’t already. There are many email marketing platforms who can help you create and send triggered email campaigns as well as dynamic reporting tools. But choosing one out of the many that exist can be tough. The following questions will help you choose and decide which provider will fit your needs.

Question 1: What is your business looking to achieve from email marketing?

Planning ahead of time and setting your business goals will help you determine which email marketing solution would be best for your business. There are many email marketing platforms for this marketing scheme and if you are an online retailer looking to drive the majority of traffic and sale to your website through email marketing then you must do the proper research.

Some email marketing platforms let you conduct customer surveys, allowing you to collect and track responses so you can send more emails based on their responses. This will help you drive sales from both new and existing clients. Knowing what service is provided by the marketing firm will help you determine which one to go with, so have a goal set and research about the provider to decide which would fit your need.

Question 2: How much are you willing to spend and what are the costs for these providers?

When it comes to pricing for email marketing services the providers usually carry a monthly fee for their service which depends on how many subscribers you have. You are normally allowed to send unlimited emails using these providers but very few do put a cap on the number of emails sent to the contacts so be sure to check on that also when selecting one.

email marketing platforms

The bigger and more popular email marketing platforms offer free trial service ranging from a month to two months so you can try them out before you decide to subscribe to them.

Also, many platforms let you send free emails if you have a limited amount of contacts so these are a good fit for smaller businesses that are looking to start marketing through emails and can later subscribe to a plan as their business and contacts grow.

Question 3: How do you attract clients to subscribe to your e-mails?

The easiest way to get clients to sign up to your email campaigns is to ask them when you interact with them. The best time to ask is when they are making a purchase, just throw it in the conversation. Let clients know that you offer discounts and promotions through email and if they sign up they would be eligible for these special discounts.

Most email marketing platforms will provide you with a backend where you can easily add and manage contacts which will help you keep track of the emails sent to them and add more contacts. To get more subscribers, many companies have a form on their website or social media page where clients can enter their email and automatically subscribe to email promotions.

Question 4: Is it worth it to pay extra and get a custom e-mail design?

Most of the popular email marketing platforms provide hundreds of different and professionally designed templates for email marketing; they even allow you to add your logo and company details to the template.

Having a custom designed email can always help you attract more clients as you can design it according to your target market. Again your budget would play a major role in this decision if you have the budget then go ahead and get it custom designed otherwise the template based emails can be just as effective.

Question 5: Will my email be formatted properly for all devices?

With the advances in technology, people access emails from all different devices. It is important to make sure that the email you send to your clients is compatible with all devices.

Some email marketing platforms offer mobile-optimized templates which appear with the proper format on both mobile and tablet devices. Also, these providers allow you to check the template on different devices before you send them out. This way, you can make sure that everything is formatted correctly.

These are just the basic questions you should consider and look to answer when you look to start an email marketing plan. These will help you decide which provider would help your company in the long run and which plan would fit your need and the goal of your business. Try out these providers before committing to them so make use of the free trials they offer and test them out so you know exactly what they offer.