get more facebook likes

Facebook Likes are more than a popularity poll: they are a measure of interaction and views. They also qualify you for Facebook Insights, Facebook’s own metrics toolkit. In short, “Likes” help you see where you’re on track with your fans and followers – and when your posts leave them cold. Here are sixteen easy ways to help you quickly grow your Facebook “Likes”…

1. Like and share others posts!

Ever landed on a story and wanted to share it? Of course you have. Chances are you hit the “Like” or Facebook “Share” button…When you do this, a link to your like (plus thumbnail photo) will either appear on your Timeline or in your news feed – or in both! Not only that, but your name and Facebook profile photo may be displayed. Your name may also appear in ads or social plugins off Facebook. Plus there’s the element of reciprocity: When you “Like” others, they often return the favor!

2. Put a “Like” button on your own website and in posts

Want to add a “Like” button to your own website? There have been changes with this function to, so head on over to Facebook Developers to get complete instructions.

3. Take out an ad!

This is the quickest way to bring your Page to your target demographic’s attention – and gather those all-important Likes. And you can create your ad from right within your Facebook Page. Just make sure you specify your ad goal as gathering Likes. To get started quickly, just follow the prompts from Facebook’s Help section.

4. Be proactive

Let your followers know about Facebook changes affecting your feed display. Some people won’t notice when your feeds suddenly disappear: Others will miss them and feel frustrated they’re not appearing – but probably not really give this change much thought. Human nature almost always follows the path of least resistance, so realize you need to spell things out to your followers, as well as prompt them to take action.

Tell them how to circumvent harmful changes by keeping on top of these yourself. And you may even find your “Likes” going into overdrive as your followers respond indignantly to being manipulated by unwanted changes.

5. Ask for Likes offline

Invite people to follow you on Facebook via your business card. Put “Like us on Facebook” on your brochures, menus and other stationery. Put your Facebook likes on your storefront window, if you have a physical business location. Be creative and see where (a) others add Facebook invitations (b) you can effectively place them.

6. Be yourself

One of the most important parts of getting known and loved via Facebook will be your authenticity – you should be the voice that stands out from the crowd. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind and speak your truth. People befriend people – not businesses. Being authentic serves a number of purposes; all of them with positive results.

  • It eliminates people who are not your target audience. This may not sound like a good thing, but actually, it’s the best. You don’t want two people carrying on a long conversation in your comments about the price of cheese in Philadelphia when your post was actually all about the best way to style curly hair.
  • It builds your reputation, as people grow clear about who you are – and what you stand for. You will speak with integrity and confidence, when you’re speaking from your core.
  • It provides an anchor for people. Others will model themselves after you, if your posts have an impact on their lives and world views. (“Artists lead; others follow”.)
  • It gives you character and helps you stand out. People will eagerly look for your posts if they know what to expect – even if that’s always the unexpected.

7. Give yourself/your page a Theme (with a capital “T”)

TV writers know it. Movie writers know it. Novelists and children’s writers know it. You need a Theme. Become known for certain types of posts – and if you don’t want to do that, make it a certain point of view. For example, become known for always posting highly-entertaining, unusual and quirky photos, like the one in the previous example. Or showcase your Photoshopping skills in photos and infographics. Or if you run a Weight Loss blog, post tips about nutrition, exercise and weight loss.

Again, people will know what to expect, so they’ll stop and read your posts, visit your Page and occasionally look through your Timeline. People love thinking they know you, so even if you’re changing directions, tell them what they can expect.

8. Re-purpose your blogs to Facebook format

Make it a habit to upload the first paragraph or summary of every post, along with a highly relevant photo or graphic that gets the mood or theme of the post across (as well as your personality).

9. Join Networked Blogs on Facebook, if you’re a blogger

One of its biggest benefits? If you’re featured in their “Friends” thumbnails, people can find and check out your page with just one click.

10. Post at the same time every day

This will help increase engagement – and increasing engagement means more “Likes”. (The key, however, is to take time to find out when the biggest segment of your sharing audience is also online.)

11. Use free graphics editing tools to create photos and infographics people will instantly like

You can even add text commands to “Like” your photo, if that doesn’t feel inappropriate.

12. Share and Like other peoples’ blog posts

They’ll be much more inclined to return the favor.

13. Post regularly!

If you don’t take the time to do this, you won’t build up a following. Without a following, there are no shares and no “Likes”. In fact, you become invisible – even when you make your sporadic, hit-and-miss post!

14. Limit your posts to 3 lines or less

Did you know that Facebook Best Practices actually recommends a “sweet spot” that seems to generate more likes?

15. Make sure your Facebook Page is a rich source of high-quality photographs

Remember that photographs do reap the highest position in Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm scores – significantly beating out even videos in a recent HubSpot survey. A higher Edgerank score means wider distribution. Wider distribution means more “Likes”. HubSpot summarized its data showing that photographs result in 53% more likes thus… If you want interaction through comments, ask questions: If you want “Likes” and shares, post photographs. Especially dazzling ones.

16. Ask for the Like

Don’t violate any guidelines, but whenever you can – in whatever type of post (blog, ad or Timeline feed) — remember simply to ask!

Once you apply these tips to your Facebook strategy, you will definitely see an increase in the amount of Likes. Now let’s take a look at the lead generation aspect of Facebook Marketing!!