a/b testing

What is A/B Testing?

Do you have a clearly defined content marketing strategy, or do you just sit down at your computer and post random blog or social media posts or make random videos without a ‘goal’?

A/B Testing Content PlanWell, whether you’re following a detailed plan and schedule or simply winging it, your content marketing strategy needs to involve evaluation. This is where you take time to analyze the performance of each type of content you are using to improve your content marketing plan and grow your business.

One way to do this is by testing multiple headlines, images, videos and/or other pieces of content. This is known as A/B testing- also known as split testing- which is a popular and important evaluation method to implement in your marketing plan. A/B testing is one way to see what converts your visitors and what doesn’t.

In the important evaluation stage, content marketing can save you time and money, while boosting your ROI, with A/B testing.

Be Ahead of Your Competitors with A/B Testing

Research shows that most small business marketers don’t take the time to routinely evaluate how their content is performing. They continually produce and distribute press releases, videos and articles and spend time on social media, but they have no idea if any of those activities are helping or hurting their business.

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Because most of your competitors are not effectively monitoring the effectiveness of their content, it is important for you to do so.

When your competition is not using every tool available to boost business, but you are, you get a leg up on the other businesses in your market.

What Content Element Works Better: A or B?

The idea is to run the same advertisement, blog post or other piece of content with two separate titles or headlines. You may keep the title of a video the same and change the introduction or some other part of the video, testing two different components or elements.

Any aspect of a piece of content can be tested this way, including the colors you use on a landing page or the thank you email you send out to new list subscribers.

There are applications and software suites that handle A/B testing, like Google Analytics Experiments and KISSmetrics. You tell the software what to pieces of information you would like to split test, and the A and B components you chose will be appear differently.

A/B Testing Conversio

This gives you valuable insight into what is and what is not working regarding different aspects of your content. Marketers who frequently split test know they are always using their highest converting content. They are never happy with current results, even if those results are very favorable.

Imagine that you tested two pieces of content and one outperformed the other by doubling your conversion rate. You may not have discovered this without split testing certain elements of that content.

Another benefit of A/B split testing is that over time, you begin to understand how to create content which produces results, rather than wasting time on specific elements of content creation which don’t perform as well.

A/B Testing isn’t a waste of time. not performing a/b Testing can negatively Impact marketing efforts.

Now, it’s time to implement your A/B testing strategy and boost your marketing efforts. Your efforts won’t be a waste!

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