What is a Sales Page?

Having an effective sales page can be your biggest Internet marketing asset, especially when used with funnels. It is where visitors land to find out more about your product, make their buying decision, and then make their purchase right away.To make an effective introduction for your sales page, pay attention to the following elements.


Think about the last time you read through a newspaper, magazine, or some other printed periodical. How do you decide which articles to read and which articles to skip? The headline. If the headline doesn’t grab you right away, engaging your interest and curiosity, then you’ll most likely move on without checking out the article at all. The same concept holds true for your sales page; a great headline is absolutely vital to getting visitors to stick around and keep reading.

Newspapers often use a main headline and a sub-headline to enhance the likelihood that you’ll stop to read an article. On an Internet sales page, though, you need to use three different headlines:

  • The “Gotcha” Headline
  • The “Main” Headline
  • The “Still Gotcha” Headline.

Each of these has a very specific purpose and must be used in a very specific way if you want to produce maximum results.

THE “GOTCHA” HEADLINE    Gotcha headline

This is the first headline the visitor reads, located at the very top of the sales page. It doesn’t need to be huge in size or long in length. What it does need to do, though, is grab the attention of the specific prospects you’re going after. So, you’d write it one way if your main prospects are teenagers, for example, but write it in a completely different way if your main prospects are senior citizens.


This is the most important headline on the whole page because it is the largest, the most eye-catching, and the most concise description of the product’s biggest benefit to the prospect. It needs to literally jump off the page at the reader in a size that’s too big to ignore. Most importantly, though, is the emotional reaction this headline creates in your prospects. If you can capture them emotionally, then you’re well on your way to converting them from prospects to sales.


Lots of sales pages don’t use this third headline and that’s a big mistake. Why? Because this type of headline serves to reinforce the message communicated in the main headline and clarifies for the prospect exactly what benefit or advantage they can expect to gain from making a purchase. One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to any of these headlines is to use too many words and make it too long. Remember, just a few really powerful words will be exponentially more effective for you than a lot of words strung together in a long, drawn-out explanation.


Playwrights use the opening act to introduce their audience to the basic concept of their story, bringing in the setting, the characters, and the like in a way that grabs the audience’s emotions and attention. It is a vital part of the play because without it, the audience would quickly get lost; they would have no idea of who the characters are and what they are doing there.

The opening act of an Internet sales page is just as vital. This is the section that comes just after the headlines and is used for introducing prospects to your product. The goal here is the same as in a play; you want to grab the prospect’s interest with a fierce, icy grip on their emotions.

This is really important, so it deserves to be emphasized again:

The opening act must grab the prospect’s interest on a level that’s strongly emotional and it must hang on to that interest intently.

emotion sales pageOne of the common mistakes we see on Internet sales pages is when people launch into selling their product or service too soon. While you, of course, want to sell your prospects aggressively, if you do it too early or too quickly, you’re likely to get the opposite effect of what you desire.

That’s why the opening act is so very important. When you capture the prospect’s emotional interests, they are suddenly much more interested in the rest of the sales page because they feel a “personal” connection to you. Appealing to their emotions, then, is a powerful sales tactic that isn’t a classic pushy sales approach.

How To Make a High Level Emotional Appeal to Your Prospects? 

  • Emphasize the benefits prospects will enjoy once they get their hands on your product or service
  • Emphasize the positive ways their life will change and improve once they get their hands on your product
  • Emphasize the positive feelings they will experience once they get their hands on your product or service
  • Emphasize what they will have more of (time, energy, money, success, etc.) once they get their hands on your product or service
  • Emphasize what they will have less of (stress, difficulty, debts, struggles, etc.)

You don’t have to go into great detail about each of these things during the opening act; this is just an introductory opening – the full details will be discussed later on in the sales page.


honesty sales pageEverybody who spends any time on the Internet is aware of the huge number of scams, frauds, and other sleazy activities out there and your prospects are no exception. You’ve already succeeded in overcoming their initial skepticism because they are looking at your sales page, but now you have to do a bit of extra work to convince them to let go of any lingering doubts or worries.

Establishing your honesty and authority with the prospect makes it easier for them to make the move from interested visitor to satisfied customer. Times are tough nowadays, so getting prospects to spend their increasingly scarce money requires you to be even more creative and authentic about demonstrating your credibility and trustworthiness.

How do you go about doing this? The best way to look at it is that you want to promote your honesty and authority both early and often. Don’t bury this information deep into the sales page where prospects have to really dig to find it. If you do, they are never going to find it because they will have stopped reading a long time ago.

How To Promote Your Honesty and Authority In Your Sales Page

    • Talk about specific results, not just generalities
    • Use real numbers to describe a benefit or an activity, not just estimates
    • Use testimonials that touch on key features or benefits you want to emphasize; these are most effective when you include the full name of the person whose experiences the testimonial describes
    •  Be sure to mention any special certifications, credentials, expertise, or experience associated with your product
    • Highlight positive reviews, quotes, and mentions of your product from reputable outside sources
    • Always, always include a real contact address complete with address, email, and phone number; this reassures prospects that you are indeed a real person and not just another scammer on the Web

When you firmly establish yourself as being honest and authoritative regarding your product (beginning early in the sales page and continuing throughout the sales page), you dramatically increase your potential results.