High Converting Upsell

What is an Upsell?

An Upsell offer happens right after the front-end offer. Hence, Upsell relates closely to the front-end. They are also your main source of revenue, which is why you must have a high converting Upsell.

An Upsell could be the core of the whole sales funnel. You do not have to wait for the revenue to come in down the road because it comes almost immediately with the implementation of Upsell in your sales funnel.

It should be noted that the price of an Upsell must be higher than the front-end product. It is usually twice the minimum price of the front-end.

Why? Because an Upsell is an upgraded version of the front-end. When you are writing your sales copy for your Upsell, write it in a way where you are offering them an immediate solution or an in-depth course to enhance the front-end product.

If you are offering the Upsells to the subscribers, serious buyers are actually looking forward to more products from you. Hence, your Upsells are actually for the benefits of your buyers as well.

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Mistakes of an Upsell

High Converting UpsellSome of the common mistakes of an Upsell are when marketers don’t know the right way to present it. They tend to leave big opportunities behind.

The first mistake is that they don’t focus on the sales copy of their Upsell offer, causing a low converting percentage. Some use only boring and short ad copy. The conversion rate can be increased by just the use of scripted or live video.

You need to know that your Upsell video is just as important as your front-end sales letter, they are equally important to get people to continue the buying trance. The only difference between the sales copy of front-end and Upsell is the video script can be shorter than the front-end sales letter.

Remember that your Upsell is an immediate offer to the buyers to upgrade or enhance the front-end. The buyers should have known and understood what the front-end is all about when they land on the Upsell sales video page.

The second common mistake is when marketers mistreat the Upsell as a lower priced add-on. Look at the example of this lead generation course: Front-end product is the video course training with the price of $9.97. While the Upsell is the checklist and mind map as add-ons to the front-end priced at $5.

This is a wrong example of a high converting upsell. The Upsell should be something that is worth twice the front-end offer. The incremental value of the Upsell in this example may bring in a small increase in your revenue, but the value is not big enough to compete with the other competitors in the market.

You must think in terms of how to generate larger amounts of revenue, and eventually increase your profit.

Criteria of an Upsell

Now that you’ve put the price of your Upsell twice the worth of your front-end, you must create a product that worth the price.

This will be the first criterion you must think through when you are getting ideas for your Upsell. When the price is higher, people would expect higher value from this product.

Your Upsell should also be congruent with your front-end offer. For example, if your front-end is lead generation, your Upsell must be something related, such as a done-for-you follow-up emails pack. The Upsell in this case is congruent, because people who own a list definitely will need to send follow-up emails to their subscribers.

The Upsell must be something that makes sense to the buyers. Imagine yourself as the buyer, and after purchasing a lead generation video training course, you are offered a graphics pack. Isn’t that odd? Would someone who’s interested in a lead generation course be interested in making graphics?

Another important criteria for your Upsell is the One-Time Offer technique. The Upsell is always a one-time offer to the buyers, meaning if they do not grab this now, the offer will not be available at another time.

This is a technique where you’ll create the sense of urgency. You want them to think that if they don’t grab the chance today, they’ll miss it forever. This is a key factor in creating a high converting upsell.

Format of an Upsell

High Converting UpsellThe format of an Upsell is basically more or less the same as the format for the front-end. Your Upsell product can be in the form of video training courses and transcripts because it is an upgraded version of the front-end. In this case, your Upsell will serve as an enhancement course to the buyers.

Same as the front-end, apart from being just a video training course and transcripts, your Upsell can be in the e-book format as well. Creating an e-book enables you to talk further in-depth on topics that are related to your front-end.

For example, for lead generation, you can offer an in-depth course that explains how Search Engine Optimization works.

One thing that’s different from the front-end is that you can offer a software system in the Upsell. There are many other formats that you can offer as your Upsell, such as a membership site access, or you can even promote other people’s products and put it as your Upsell.

Methods to Get an Upsell

There are two methods to get your high converting Upsell done. These methods are: (1) Create it yourself, and (2) buy Private Label Rights products.

The first way to create the Upsell by yourself is to start brainstorming ideas and then, draft the outline. Keep things as simple as possible so that even a beginner can understand. Once you’re done with the outline, you can start writing the Upsell.

When creating the Upsell, the content must be more solid than the front-end offer. For example, if you’re selling a course, make it clear that the front-end course is going to give the buyers only the key concepts. But if they want more details, they must buy the upgraded version of the front-end offer.

Make it clear that buying your front-end offer is totally okay, but if they’re serious about their business, they should take advantage of the more in-depth course available to them in this Upsell.

The second method is to buy PLR products. There are plenty of PLR products available that you can repackage and use it as the Upsell product.

You may not have your own product that you can offer as an Upsell right now. So, instead of scratching your head, find somebody else’s high-end product that you can use for the rest of the Upsell process.

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