front-end offer

What is a Font-End Offer?

The front-end offer has the most important role among the others in the sales funnel, because it is going to get people in and get the ball to roll in the sales funnel.

No matter how great your Upsell offer is, or your Backend offer, people will never see it if your front-end offer isn’t irresistible. It is really important to make sure they like your front-end offer.

Your front-end product is your first product that you are going to show to the subscribers. It is basically presenting the first impression of your sales funnel to the people that click in to your sales page. This is why an irresistible front-end product is so important to keep things rolling.

While a bad front-end could ruin the whole funnel, a great front-end could attract your subscribers to buy throughout your sales funnel. A front-end product is usually sold in a lower price. Its main purpose is to attract the subscribers to click on the “Buy” button.

Indeed, a product launch is really intense. While the launch is happening, you must be there on standby to make changes. Most of the time, price issues would be one of the common factors that causes a low selling rate.

Hence, I strongly recommend you to keep on tracking the price of your front-end product during your funnel launch. It is a time-tested price range for the front-end, from the lowest of $9.97 to $37 and so on. However, there is no hard and fast rules here, you can always tweak the price accordingly.

front-end offerNow, you may be thinking that quoting your front-end product in low price couldn’t generate huge revenue even with a thousand or more sales. With 100% commission given out to the affiliate, where does the profit come from?

But, do not worry about this. The real money doesn’t come from the front-end offer. It comes from your Upsells and Backend.

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Criteria of a Front-End Offer

Before you decide on what kind of topic you are going to use for your front-end, do some marketing research. First, understand what kind of market you are going to cover, and then research who the customers are in the niche.

Research is crucial, because in different kinds of niches, you’ll meet different kind of customers with different mindsets. If you could first put yourself in your ideal customers’ shoes, attracting traffic to your site and generating big sales isn’t too far from you.

The second criterion of a front-end product is, obviously, an evergreen topic. The evergreen topic means the topic that will attract more people buy, and it last for a very long time. People will still need the product regardless what kind of business they are in.

For instance, in the Internet marketing niche, lead generation methods would be an evergreen topic. Regardless of what kind of Internet businesses that they are in, they will definitely need to get visitors and subscribers to their website. This is a topic that will not grow old, especially for email marketing. A product vendor will need it, and so does an affiliate, as long as it involves email marketing, they will need your product to grow their list.

The third criterion of a front-end offer is a topic that can solve an immediate or urgent problem. Think about it, why do people want to buy your product? It is all because they need a quick solution to solve their problem. If your product can solve their problem immediately, they are what people will look for.

When you are offering the solution for their problems, you are in fact implementing the skill to use emotional enhancers in your products.

The emotional enhancers included: Wealth/Money, Security, Power, Love, Happiness, Health, and Recognition

Of course, there are many more to be listed down. The listed ones here are the most effective emotional enhancers that you could make use of. When you are brainstorming for the next idea, always remember how to apply these in your product.

Format for a Front-End Offer

Your front-end product can be in many forms, such as e-book, videos with a compilation of transcripts, graphics, and many more.

The more you understand about your target market, the more you are familiar with their preference. For instance, for the Internet marketing niche, people can’t afford to spend too much time reading. The ever-changing environment and platforms in the Internet marketing niche doesn’t allow them spare time.

Hence, most of them prefer to have videos and transcripts instead of a book. Once again, this is not a ‘must’ rule to follow, you can certainly offer an e-book as your front-end.

front-end offerAfter some time of publishing e-books, you can repurpose the e-book by turning it into a physical book and sell it with a higher price. You may have to go through all the labor that you are spared from by doing an e-book instead. But, consider the e-book platform as the stepping-stone. We choose it because it’s easier and we can ease in into publishing physical books later on.

Other than in a book format, you can make your e-book in the form of video training course with the compilation of transcripts.

Also, audiobooks are ‘in’ nowadays. People just don’t have the time anymore or perhaps, they’re getting more and more impatient, hence, the short attention span.

If you can make 100 pages worth of content into a 20 to 30 minutes course, why not? They can at least listen to the content of the training course, and if they miss out anything, they can refer to the transcript.

How to Make Your Offer Irresistible

I am going to tell you one last thing about how you can make a front-end offer that people would do whatever it takes to get. And the secret is to offer bonuses with your front-end offer.

I want you to imagine that you are the customer now. There are two offers to you, same offer of lead generation video course with the same price, but one with bonuses and another one without, which one would you choose?

Obviously, you’d choose the first one with bonuses, right? You can make them in the form of a checklist, mind map, or guidebook. Compile it together in your front-end offer sales page.

As you’re thinking of your front-end offer, use these strategies and see for yourself the difference it makes.

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