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What is a Profit Funnel?

The concept of the Profit Funnel provides a common sense approach to selling. You start at this point and continue to build on that success. Over and over again, you can use the Profit Funnel to create new contacts within an existing client, perhaps at different locations or different departments.

When it comes to developing your ideal profit strategy, there are several elementary principles:

✔️ Start from the beginning. Get your foot in the door with a product or service that is relatively inexpensive and can be identified immediately with a need.

✔️ Look for new opportunities. Broaden your business dealings with your client by identifying mid level products that you can offer to your customer.

✔️ Anticipate needs that may happen infrequently. You may have some high level services or products that will make a great impact on something your customer does once or twice a year.

✔️ Deliver what you promise. All the goodwill that you have built up can be blown completely away with one simple failure to deliver what you promised. Be honest about what you can provide.

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Low Ticket Product Ideas

profit funnelWhen you think in terms of low ticket products or services, you are talking about items that usually carry no more than a $27.00 price tag. The most common average range for a low ticket item would be in the $5.00 to $9.95 range.

Of course, in order for those low ticket items to keep a steady flow of basic revenue, there is the need to promote your offerings and entice new clients to give them a try. Here are a few ideas that may help you promote your low ticket offerings to fresh faces.

Special Reports
A special report is going to essentially focus on two things: first, this is a product or service that has is being successfully used by hundreds of thousands of people right this very minute. Second, this product or service can make a big impact in the quality of your life and work. Once you have it, you will not understand how you ever got along without it.
Short Audio Sessions
Of course, a successful short audio session is going to be to the point and informative. It will give the prospect enough to ensure he or she will progress to the next level and seriously consider the offering, rather than simply scanning some text and moving on to another website.
Trial Membership Offers
Everybody wants to get a bargain, but there are those that will sit on the fence forever before making a decision. A trial membership offer can be just what you need to get them to commit. This allows them to test it out without making long-term commitments or paying full price.
Trial Software Offer

If software is involved in your product or service offering, you may also want to provide a demonstration version of the software that is good for a limited amount of time. Trial software should be representative of what the full version does, but you want to make sure that the software cannot be reconfigured to get around the limited time usage.

Promoting your low ticket items will keep your company moving along, providing the operating capital that you need to enhance your offerings and also develop more high priced offerings as well.

Mid Ticket Product Ideas

Having established yourself with some of your low ticket offerings, you will want to investigate the potential for up-selling your client by creating interest in your mid ticket products and services.

For the purposes of the discussion, you may want to think of mid ticket items as being priced in the $37.00 to $67.00 range per unit. Here are some examples.


profit funnelIt seems that no matter what the type of product or service that is offered, an electronic book will be an ideal way to generate interest. An eBook can be attractive because people like to read, eBooks are easily stored, and they are often free or available at a fraction of the cost.

Providing a few online excerpts from the book as “hooks” will entice people to take the few moments needed to download the book and will also increase the chances they will actually read it after downloading.

Paid Membership Sites
When you run a paid membership site, one of the things you must do in order to maintain and grow your client base is provide something that makes people feel like that monthly membership fee they pay is worth the cost.
Software / Scripts

Software that fills a need with your customers can be a great thing. Depending on where you draw your majority of clients from, this can be just about anything from software that helps to catalog plants to software that helps to design a home accounting systems, to software that can be used to track sales efforts.

Identify and anticipate needs within your client base and then come up with the software that will meet those needs. Keep in mind the software can cover just about any subject you want. For development ideas, why not query your current clients?

Audio / Video Sessions

Audio/video sessions using the Internet can revolve around all sorts of subjects, from how to fix a flat tire to detailed sessions on fixing broken relationships. They can include travelogues to exotic and distant places, helpful guidelines in dealing with a legal matter, and even something as simple as preparing a meal in twenty minutes or less.

Mid ticket items are a great way to grab both a larger chunk of per unit profit, as well as create reliable revenue streams that you can depend on from month to month. Get some input from your existing customers and develop a nice suite of mid ticket offerings. You will be glad you did.

High Ticket Product Ideas

No suite of products or services is complete without a “diamond” level. When you think in terms of high ticket products and services, an average of $297.00 to $997.00 is a nice average range. Of course, there is nothing with going for high ticket products that are $1,000.00 or more, depending on how they relate to your other products and the demographics of your client base.

Here are some ideas for high ticket offerings that may be a great fit with your business model.

Coaching / Mentoring

profit funnel

There is plenty of demand these days for professional coaches and motivational speaker. All across the country, people whose entire purpose is to inspire, instruct, and help people identify where they want to go in life are raking in very nice fees.

Among the mentoring sessions you could offer are such topics as how to defuse an angry customer, how to get a customer to tell you what is really bothering them and how to bring a former customer back into the fold.

When it comes to tele-seminars, you can offer subject matter you create and host in house, or you can become a means of providing a special guest speaker for a tele-seminar. Perhaps you can snag a best selling author who has written an exciting new book on Internet marketing.
Exclusive Membership Sites
Everyone likes to feel special. One of the easiest ways is to create and manage an exclusive membership site. You can put together something that is specifically for a select group of persons, such as CEO’s, chief financial officers, executive directors of non-profit organizations, or any niche market that is composed of people who could benefit from networking with their peers and can afford to pay a nice figure for that privilege on a monthly or annual basis.
Lucrative Service Such As Copywriting

Support services are something that will always make an impact with businesses. By offering to take over such tasks as writing copy for new ad campaigns or sales and marketing collateral, preparing brochures, and editing other basic types of correspondence that the company uses regularly, you can save them a bundle and make a nice bit of profit for yourself.

When it comes to providing high ticket offerings, knowing what your resources are and how well those match up with needs within your client base will help lead you to that type of high ticket products you can provide immediately, as well as help you prepare a laundry list of others that you hope to have set up and working in a short time.

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