State the Price Value of Your Product

Focus on the Price Value of the Product 

A common mistake made on Internet sale pages is to put lots of emphasis on the value of any bonus items while not emphasizing (or even mentioning) that the main product or service itself is a really great deal. Bonuses alone are not going to convert the vast majority of prospects into customers; it’s the main product they came to find out about and it’s the value (or lack of value) of that product that is most likely to drive their buying decision.

The idea here is to build up in the prospect’s mind just how fantastic and valuable the product or service is to them. You’ve already done a lot of this by pushing the features and benefits, but you’ve also got to do this by specifically pushing the price value of the product or service as well.

How Do You Promote the Price Value of Your Product? 

Consider the two examples below

  • Buy my ebook for $25 and start enjoying its benefits right away.
  • When you buy my ebook for $25, you not only get lots of information, but it’s also a great deal. Comparable ebooks sell for $50, $75, and even $100 or more!

Can you see the difference? The second example is much stronger because it clearly lets the prospect know they are getting a great deal on the ebook; if they were to buy a similar ebook from someone else, they would end up paying a lot more money. There are other aspects of selling your product or service that also help the prospect to see they are getting a good deal. Some examples of this include:

  • Offer a “no questions asked” satisfaction guarantee
  • Promote that you’re selling the product or service at a low introductory price
  • Emphasize an urgent need for the prospect to act right away due to a deadline, limited number of products available, or something similar
  • Offer information and details that deal directly with the most common objections or concerns your prospect is likely to have. This is a tactful way of overcoming those objections at the same time, as you are promoting the great value of your product or service.

Ask For The Sale

ask for the saleWhat’s the first thing every sales training book or seminar hammers into your mind?
Ask  for the sale. It’s as simple as that. You can put all sorts of time and energy into convincing a prospect that your product or service is of superior quality and a great deal, but if you don’t finish things up by literally asking them to make a purchase, then you’re leaving tons of potential sales and profits sitting on the table.

Too often overlooked, though, is what happens when the prospect says “yes” to the sale. How is it that they get started on actually placing their order? This is an especially critical concern on Internet sales pages because your prospects do not have the benefit of somebody sitting right there with them and walking them through the entire process.

Instead, they have to start the process and go through the steps on their own; if they encounter even one little difficulty or one direction that is confusing, chances are they’re going to give up and go away.

How To Ask For the Sale 

Sales Funnel CustomersThe Internet is unique in its ability to connect you instantly with many tens of thousands of prospects. However, this same connectedness and ease of navigation also makes it more likely your prospects will change their minds and go to another website as soon as they encounter even the smallest problem or issue during the sales and ordering process. Make sure your sales and ordering process is flawless!

  • Include lots of “order now” links throughout the sales page, with each one taking the prospect directly to the order page
  • Assume the buyer has never purchased anything on the Web before and provide very simple, clear, step-by-step directions for completing the order process
  • Provide several payment options, such as credit card, PayPal, Google Checkout, and the like; promote these options in several places on the sales page
  • Repetition is important; repeat the ordering process and instructions multiple times and in multiple places