How to save more for a holiday vacation

Taking a holiday vacation can be a costly venture, and often times travelers find themselves exceeding their set budget before they even leave their homes. Between airfare costs, hotels, transportation, and other necessities the numbers can climb to uncomfortable levels.

Tips To Save More On Holiday Vacations


When it comes to booking flights, bigger is better. You’ll find that airfare costs are reduced greatly the larger the airport you fly out of is. This is because the more competition between airlines, the lower prices become. By switching to a larger departing airport or destination airport, there might be some driving involved, but more likely than not the cost will still undercut the original airfare from the smaller airport.


Driving from the larger airport to your destination can add more to gas prices, but might actually prove to be a lower original rental cost. Because you are using a more demanded car service, prices again will have been driven down. This can mean a difference of around 50% and the treat of a usually scenic drive.


There are a number of different tools that can be utilized when dealing with competitive hotel prices. One of these useful online portals is Backbid, a website that allows you to post your original deal and except bids from competing hotels in the area for a better deal on your stay.

Other sites like Travelocity and Kayak can help at the beginning of your search by comparing different hotels initial costs so that you can make sure you receive the best initial deal. Moving from these sites onto Backbid can ensure you receive the most savings possible.

By cutting costs in these three areas, your vacation expenses can be significantly reduced and you will successfully save on vacations.