Let’s admit it: It’s impossible for any business owner to ignore a marketing network that has over 400 million active users from around the world. With online marketing getting more competitive by the day, it becomes absolutely crucial for online marketers to look out for potential platforms to increase their reach across the Internet.

Small businesses have started leveraging the benefits of Instagram marketing and gained a loyal following for their promotions. If you haven’t jumped in yet, now is your turn. Listed below are some realistic ways to launch your products and services successfully on Instagram and get more paying customers.

Tips to promote your small business on Instagram

Tell a story

Posting quality images of your product is good, but wouldn’t it be nice if your images told a story that made people interact? Instead of marketing your images as mere product shots, try making them more interesting for your audience.

If you are promoting your bakery business, post pictures of your staff putting together a cake for an event; if you are from the textile industry, do not hesitate to post pictures of a beautiful person looking good in your ensembles. Paying attention to details like these will go a long way in enhancing user response to your updates.

Look for inspiring content

Take a look at what your top competitors are doing to attract more followers and come up with enhanced variations of their content. But don’t do it in a way that you are labeled the next ‘copycat’ marketer by your audience.

Take the ideas from the best content and add your own flavor before sharing them with your followers.

Include hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most powerful advertising elements on Instagram. By using relevant hashtags on your photo tags, you are increasing the odds of your products being seen by your potential customers when they are actually searching for your products.

If you are promoting your local restaurant, adding hashtags like #sweet, #yummy, and #foodie can help users to find you much easier on the network.

Interact with your followers

The best way to build relationships on social media is to participate in a lot of conversations and proactively respond to people’s queries.  As your following starts picking up, you will get an increasing number of comments for your updates. Although it could be hard to respond to each one of them (when too many people are asking questions), try replying as much as you can. Even a standard reply to the same question asked by 10 different users would work in your favor.

Share and repost content

When it comes to building credibility, you just can’t afford to ignore sharing others’ content. Appreciate your followers for posting worthy updates by sharing their photos on your timeline. Do not think twice to repost pictures if they are really awesome. To make things easier, you could start using an app like Repost for Instagram because manual updates are highly time-consuming.

Succeeding with Instagram

The reason why you could succeed with Instagram marketing is because this platform lets you engage with your audience better than other social platforms, helps build a brand image for your company, and earn customer’s trust.

We hope the tips mentioned in this article will help you to become a better marketer!