Keyword Research

Why Keyword Research

Finding success in e-commerce as a small business can be boiled right down to one strategy: Keyword research

Keyword research is the key to pinpointing your prospect’s problems and desires.

keywordsWhen conducting keyword study, you need to identify the phrases your prospects’ commonly use to find answers to their needs. This method will help you provide value to them and help you generate more leads.

While most people appreciate this concept, most neglect to do so.


A lot of entrepreneurs have said they don’t wish to pursue rankings of certain (popular) keywords because they don’t sell such products or services. But this thought process holds them back from market and profit opportunities.

Remember, we’re pinpointing the desires of prospects.

If we don’t have services or products they that solve their problem, they will find brand loyalty elsewhere. 

Deciding on the Right Direction with Keyword Research

It can be tricky deciding what keywords your website is missing. That’s why using a keyword tool, like Google Adword’s Keyword Planner, is important.

Now how do you decide on the right direction with your keyword research?

keyword research

Assume you have a website trying to sell hiking and backpacking gear. You sell backpacks, guide books, tents, etc. 

When conducting keyword research, your discover your prospects also commonly search for hiking journals to describe their hikes. Since you do not sell hiking journals, you want to omit those keywords, correct? NO!

You should actually expand your business’s product selection by adding a writing journal specifically for hiking to your online store.

Rather than looking at this keyword discovery as irrelevant, see it as a chance to expand your product line and create a new revenue stream. It’s clearly of interest to the target.

Value prospects means providing them with answers to all of their needs. Doing so will secure their loyalty for future hiking needs. 

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Don’t Overlook Keyword Research

One of the hardest concepts for small business owners to understand is the truth that a website’s design shouldn’t be predicated based on their opinion of the industry.

Instead, prospects should design it with their language. 

Keyword research is valuable when determining relevant products and/or services to sell.

Recognize and utilize keyword research to your advantage to better fulfill market demand.

When you discover what your prospects are looking for and listen, your website will begin generating more leads.

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