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A sales letter is like your full time sales person that will engage your site visitors automatically. The best thing about digital marketing is that your sales letter works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without fail. Your sales letter is only paid for once and thus your cost is kept very low. All you need to do is ensure that your sales letter converts like a boss! Now in order to have a good sales letter that work, you must first ensure that your offer is indeed a good one. No marketing in the world can cure a bad offer. Once you are sure that your offer is wonderful, you should proceed to create a good sales letter. Let us break down some of the important elements that should appear on your sales letter.


The most important thing you can have in your sales letter is your headline. What does a headline do? Well the headline’s sole purpose is to actually attract the attention of your site visitor. Show your site visitors that this will be worth their time and also make sure that your site visitors do not leave your site early.

There’s a Chinese saying that goes something like this: “A good beginning usually means that you are half way there”, and to apply this saying to a good headline is very appropriate. Your headline can make or break your campaign. In fact, there have been many tests and studies that show just how important a headline is to a marketing letter. Without a good headline you stand no chance to get your target visitors interested in your marketing message. Only when your headline is doing its job will you get people to spend more time on your web page and read what you’ve got to say.

Imagine a sales person who approaches you just starts pushing a product to you and asks for money. You will reject him within seconds. However a good sales person will approach you can try to highlight the problems that you might have and then tell you that they can help you solve your problem. The difference will be immense. Get your headline right and you should be good to go.

Sub headlines

Sub headlines are a very important element within a sales letter. We all know that humans and site visitors tend to scroll and skim through contents especially on a sales letter. What your sub headlines do is to actually summarize the entire paragraph for them and these sub headlines will often serve to stop a skimmer and get them back on track.

Many times, when serious buyers are actually reading your sales letter, your sub headline can serve as a rest point to your visitors. What this means is that the readers do not get a wall of text and they get to take a break every time a sub headline appears. Therefore always make sure to insert relevant and interest subject headlines in order to help your readers concentrate better on your body content.

Body content of your sales letter.

Now the next element of a sales letter is obviously the body of your copy. The general rule of writing a sales letter body is to make sure that your copy is not boring and instead you should try to be as compelling as possible. A great way to help readers understand your product is to use bullet points in your body copy.

Bullet points are easier to read, easier on the eye and the best part is, they get read more often than a wall of text and this is probably due to the fact that they look a lot more organized. When you are writing your content, make sure that you give enough ample space in between paragraphs and make sure that you have a paragraph every 3 to 4 lines of text. What you are doing here is essentially giving a lot of white space on your sales letter.

A very famous copywriter and marketer once said that the best way to convert a site visitor into a sale is to actually make the process as smooth as possible and take away any sort of rejection that might exist. And if we think about it, eye strain is a big factor and it could demotivate anyone from reading your letter. Hence giving ample white space to help users read your letter will definitely help you improve your sales numbers.

man boosts email click-through rateMoney Back Guarantees

Placing a money back guarantee helps take away the risks on your buyers. This is a must have element in your sales letter when selling online. The main reason here is simple. People are very skeptical of buying stuff online because of all the horror stories of being scammed and such. However with a money back guarantee, the risk is not on them but the risk is actually on the merchant which is you, the internet marketer. This will help people to decide much easier to give your product a try. If your product isn’t suitable for them, then they could easily get their money back. Thus, don’t get caught with a sales letter that does not offer a good and strong guarantee period.


The next element that you should take note of is the post script section. Two of the most read sections of a sales letter is essentially the headline and the postscript. As you might have heard, people usually skim and scroll through the sales letter and go right to the price. They want to see how much the product is before deciding if this is something within their comfortable price range. With a good post script you can be sure that after they scroll to the bottom of the page, they will arrive at your post script. Use this chance to get your visitors interested and read your entire letter. With a good post script, you could usually change the mind of your site visitors and persuade them find out more about your product.