The Importance of Benefits, Features, and Gifts in Your Sales Letter

In addition to crafting an effective introduction, there are also certain things that you must keep in mind when making a sales letter. In order to persuade and entertain your readers in your sales letter, you should Inspire with benefits, Inform with Features, and Entice with Free Gifts.


Your prospects aren’t going to fall all over themselves to make a purchase just because you have a great product or service; no, you have to capture their emotions and inspire them to take action by describing and emphasizing the most interesting and positive benefits they will enjoy after they buy your product or service.

Benefits are quite different from features; a feature is some attribute or function of a product or service, while a benefit is some advantage, help, or aid that results from owning and using the product or service. The key to presenting benefits successfully is to identify which ones are most important to your specific prospects and then emphasize them from highest priority to lowest priority.

How To Format Your Benefits

Research tells us that people reading Internet sales pages do much more scanning than reading, so if you want to capture attention and clearly communicate benefits of your product or service, then you need to present them in a bullet point format. For instance, let’s say I want you to know my product has many benefits, such as being easy to use, increasing your vocabulary, and improving your writing skills.

My product has many benefits, such as:

  • It’s easy to use
  • It will increase your vocabulary by at least 15%

It will improve your writing skills by at least one full letter grade

The bullet points make each benefit stand out more clearly to the readers, making it easier to catch their attention and tap into their emotions.


You have to include information about the features (and sometimes specifications) offered so that the prospect will know exactly what they are getting when making a purchase from you.

When you communicate the features well, your prospects get the kind of details they need to make a buying decision. This is why you need to be as accurate and as thorough as possible. You’ll gain two advantages by doing this:

  1. You will increase the conversion rate from prospects to paying customers because your sales page will provide the detailed information needed to demonstrate the value of your product and entice the prospect to make a purchase.

2. You will receive fewer complaints and/or requests for refunds because customers will know what they are getting in advance and there will be no unpleasant surprises for them.

How To Display Your Features

In most cases, you’ll want to list the features in the same basic format (bullet points) as the benefits we talked about in the last section, but with a few minor changes. Because the features represent the details of your product or service, you’ll need to use more text to describe everything clearly. You may need to use sub-bullets to get all of the information in there without becoming too text-heavy and hard to read.

Another approach that can be very effective is to combine the major features and benefits together so they look something like this:

  • Feature #1
    • Benefit 1
    • Benefit 2
  • Feature #2
    • Benefit 1
    • Benefit 2

#3 – ENTICE WITH A FREE GIFentice with free giftT!

Everybody likes to think they’re getting a good deal when they buy something, but exactly what goes into a good deal can vary a lot depending on the product, service, and situation. In most cases, though, the best way to increase the value of something so that prospects see it as a good deal is to add in some sort of extra bonus.

This strategy is used all over the place. This approach works very well when it comes to Internet marketing and creating an Internet sales page. You want your prospects to be strongly enticed to purchase the main product or service, so in order to sweeten the deal a bit, you offer an extra bonus item.

Maybe it’s an ebook written on a similar subject or perhaps it’s a “special edition” version of a poster, print, or the like. Whatever it is, when you offer an extra bonus, you make it harder and harder for the prospect to walk away without making a purchase.

The best bonuses are those things that customers would very likely be willing to buy separately from your main product. Just as importantly, the best bonuses are those things that cost you as little as possible to provide. By keeping your costs down, but still adding value for the customer, you increase customer satisfaction and increase your profits at the same time.

Always Include a Value for Your Bonus

No matter how much (or how little) you pay to get your hands on the bonus items, always include a specific value for the item when you’re promoting it on your sales page. Why?

  • Buy my ebook today and get this special workbook for free!
  • Buy my ebook today and get this special workbook (a $50 value) for free!

Which one of these is the most compelling offer statement? The one with the value attached, of course. It’s just one more way to remind your prospects that making a purchase from you is not only an excellent decision, but an excellent value for their money as well.