Effective Facebook Ad Campaigns

Having a Facebook ad campaign that is effective involves more than just popping your ad on Facebook. Sure, occasionally you might get lucky and enjoy success from this type of Facebook ad campaign, but you can ensure prosperous success by creating ads that are effective using these 5 tips.

1. Mobile only ads

Around 75% of all Facebook users will access Facebook using a mobile device. Facebook offers you the opportunity to create and manage mobile ads separately. One strategy that many advertisers are using is to split their targeting between their mobile campaign and desktop campaign rather than creating a separate campaign for each.

2. Ads for your mobile app

If you have a mobile app for your brand, Facebook gives you the ability to track your app downloads. This is very effective! Especially if you want to create your own community. With each download, you will be able to reach those users. As a small business that is attempting to drive users that are engaged in their product, there is a lot of potential here.

3. Retargeting

It seems in recent times retargeting  has reached new heights in the marketing circles. This is the type of ad that will follow you around the internet. For example, let’s say you are on a website that sells shoes, whether you make a purchase or not, it’s highly likely that you will see ads for the shoes you were looking at all around the edges of the internet as you browse elsewhere.

Facebook provides a powerful way that you can retarget using custom audiences. This tool provides you with a simple way to reach highly specific audience groups through the use of a combination of Facebook interest data and prospect data that Facebook advertisers own.

Another method that can be used to retarget is for you to create an audience using the power editor. You will need to install the Chrome plug-in to be able to use this, but it will let you upload a list of customer email addresses from one of the many email marketing platforms or from an Excel spreadsheet.

4. Experiment with your page posts

When you create a Facebook ad, you as the advertiser might decide to promote a post that has already been published on Facebook or you might decide to create a new post that has never been published before. You should always promote organic page posts that have had a high degree of engagement and sharing among Facebook users. This will instantly add social context to your target audience and provide the highest ROI.

5. Rotate your creative design

Switch up the creative components of your ads has long been a practice in advertising. Ads do much better when this practice is implemented.